Scientific name
 Channa striata

Snakehead Whole Round

Snakehead Whole Gutted

Snakehead Steak

Snakehead Fillet

Quality  No STPP
Size  Under customers request
Net weight  Under customers request (100%, 95%, 90%,…)
Packaging  IQF, bulk, 10kgs/ctn IQF, bulk, IVP, 10kgs/ctn
Origin  Vietnam
Incoterm  FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.
Payment  L/C, T/T, etc.
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Vietnam Fresh& Frozen Snakehead (Soil Fish): Superior Quality for Global Markets

Vietnam is renowned for its superior Snakehead fish products, meeting the demands of the American, Middle Eastern, and EU markets. With its abundant farming areas, particularly in the fertile Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Kim Phat ensures a consistent supply of high-quality Snakehead fish throughout the year.

Frozen Snakehead fish has emerged as a significant Vietnamese export, generating substantial revenue in the range of “hundreds of millions of dollars.” Our primary export destinations include the European Union and Italy, where there is a high demand for our products. In the United States, IQF skinless, boneless Snakehead fillets are occasionally marketed under alternative names like “white grouper.

Our Frozen Snakehead specifications as: Snakehead Whole Round, Snakehead Whole Gutted, Snakehead Steak, Snakehead Fillet. It characterized by its firm texture, mild flavor, and inherent freshness. Sourced from responsible and sustainable farming practices, our products adhere to stringent international standards for food safety and quality control. Traceability systems guarantee the safety and authenticity of our Snakehead fish.


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