Scientific name
Description Tengra / Mystus Whole Round
Quality  No STPP
Size  Under customers request
Net weight  Under customers request (100%, 95%, 90%,…)
Packaging  IQF, bulk, 10kgs/ctn IQF, bulk, IVP, 10kgs/ctn
Origin  Vietnam
Incoterm  FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.
Payment  L/C, T/T, etc.
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Introducing Vietnam Frozen Tengra (Mystus) fish (Kabashi Tengra, Gangetic Mystus) and its the part of Catfish Family, Asia and Middle Eastern people love this freshwater fish. Frozen Tengra becomes top choice for international buyers seeking quality and value seafood products. Sourced from the rich resources of the Mekong Delta and Central regions, Mystus Fish offers exceptional taste, versatility, and nutritional benefits.

At Kim Phat Processing, we take pride in delivering premium frozen Frozen Tengra (Mystus) at a good price point. Our expertise in processing ensures superior quality that meets the demands and standards of American, Middle Eastern, and EU markets. With Vietnam’s abundant resources and favourable economic conditions, investing in Mystus Fish is a smart choice. Experience the advantage of partnering with us and tap into the thriving market for this popular seafood product.

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